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Information on how to register


Are you a non-Dutch student and are you looking for a room for a limited period of time? Pease note that

  • there can be a waiting period (especially in Utrecht), the persons with the longest registration period are invited to view the room.
  • the rooms on offer are directly available: the rooms cannot be booked months in advance
  • there is often a Meet&Greet session to meet prospective flatmates. The current residents choose the new flatmate. You need to be in The Netherlands to attend the Meet&Greet.

Are you not sure if it makes sense to register for "regular accommodations"? Please contact us to consult.

You can register with the SSH if you are between the ages of 16 and 27, and registration costs a one-off fee of € 12.50. Immediately after registration, you can log in and respond to the accommodation offer. For many accommodations and rooms you have to be a student to live there. You can read which conditions apply in the information about the
buildings under the button 'cities'.

You will remain registered with the SSH until your 30th birthday. When you become 30 and you are not a tenant of the SSH, you will be automatically deregistered from the SSH. The registration fee is never refunded.

Conditions to be eligible for accommodation
- For many accommodations and rooms, you have to be a student to live there. You can read which conditions apply in the information about the buildings under the button 'cities'.
- Your annual income must be less than € 36.165,-. More about the proof of income

Accommodation in Utrecht

Do you wish to apply for self-contained accommodation in Utrecht? You will then have to be registered with WoningNet as well (the length of registration is not important). You must also already rent an SSH room with a contract for an indefinite period. Exceptions are the accommodations in De Uithof - you can also apply for these if you are not already a tenant.

If you also wish to register with WoningNet Regio Utrecht, on the form you can choose for the combined registration SSH and WoningNet, for which you pay € 22.50.

In this way, you start to build up a registration period for an accommodation after your studies, because WoningNet allocates the majority of the self-contained accommodations in Utrecht. WoningNet charges € 9 per year to extend your registration and deploys a minimum age limit of 18 years.

However, you can use the combined registration from the age of 16, but at WoningNet you will only build up your waiting time from the age of 18. WoningNet will send you separate log-in details.

You can only choose for the combined registration during your registration. This is not possible afterwards. You can then register at a fee of € 30 with WoningNet.