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Apply for a room
Most rooms are allocated via a vote in meeting. When the ad of the rooms close, we collect the candidates and look at their registration date with SSH. The top ten candidates are invited for a vote in meeting with the residents of the building. They can pick their new house mate out of these ten candidates. When you have applied for a room, you can check 'my applications' to check the status of the room and to see your rank. Your rank is definitive once the ad has closed. You may apply to a maximum of ten accommodations at once.

Apply for a self-contained apartment

Self-contained apartments
To be able to apply for a self-contained unfurnished aparment you need to currently rent a room with SSH (with a rental agreement of unlimited duration). You also need to be registered with Woningnet.

Apartments at De Uithof
There is one exception: you may apply for a self-contained apartment at University Campus De Uithof without currently having a rental agreement with SSH.

After the ad closes we invite the top ten candidates to view the apartment. If you are invited you may view the apartment without any obligation to rent it. If you are interested in renting the apartment, you can let us know. If more people are interested the person with the oldest regsitration number gets the apartment.

You may apply to a maximum of ten accommodations at once.